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My love and fascination with Turkish dogs began in 1994 when I acquired my first brindle-colored Anatolian shepherd, Oklahoma. She was a first generation of very tough Turkish dogs.  A terrific poultry guardian, mother and teacher to her pups, she still holds a very dear place in my heart.  Oklahoma inspired me to learn more about livestock guardian dogs and a commitment to help them through rescue resulted soon after.


My first Kangal dog would arrive in 2010.  After several years of research I imported Jr. Jr. Filiz from Holland.  This overseas trip afforded me the opportunity to meet many dogs related to Filiz from all over the country.  The time spent with her breeder and other Turkish acquaintances was invaluable in furthering my knowledge of the breed. Filiz’ temperament, her historic and documented birth lines and sound health made her an easy choice.  An independent thinker, her temperament is steady with a soulful look that appears to see right through you.  I truly believe that Filiz was born an old soul.


My interest in Kangals continued to flourish and in 2012 I travelled to Sivas and Ankara, Turkey.  It was an exhilarating trip on so many levels but what stands out is the opportunity to observe the Kangal and other Turkish breeds in their native land.  I met many breeders who in turn made it possible to experience hundreds of dogs in differing situations.  How fortunate I was to travel among shepherds and their animals in the mountainous region of Sivas!


Later that same year, the breeder of Filiz surprised and honored me with the gift of beautiful Hediye.  Like Filiz, I picked her up in Holland. I met even more "Kangal people” and dogs during the trip.  Hediye is a lovely female, happy and energetic and one heck of a guardian.  She takes her work very seriously and her boundless enthusiasm has energized my own life.


Life is a series of chapters and my time spent with the Kangal breed has been life changing. Filiz, Hediye and the many friends I have met worldwide have brought more happiness to my life than I ever imagined.


My mission in breeding is to procure the best dogs possible to maintain the sound health and temperament of Turkey’s national treasure. Through hands-on experience and information gathered from world authorities here and abroad, I have acquired a substantial knowledge of Kangal dogs.  Sadly, this proficiency is being lost as the breed diversifies further from its origins in Turkey.

A Journey Among Kangals

This breeding program will be infrequent.  Filiz and Hediye offer new bloodlines to the U.S., an important part of my contribution to responsible breeding. 


I want to thank the many people near and far who have been instrumental in making my journey in the world of Kangal dogs so enriching.

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