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My two Kangal girls have roots in central Turkey.  There, the arid landscape imposes itself on the constitution of this hardy breed.  Through responsible breeding, their defining characteristics have remained consistent throughout their long history. 


I favor Turkish names for these dogs as a tribute to their ancestry. In the case of Hediye, her name means “gift” in Turkish.  Pre—chosen by her breeder in Holland, Ibrahim Tokalak wryly told me that the name chose her!  


To receive Hediye as a gift was to receive one of the most cherished gifts of my life.  When I first met her in Holland at 3 months, she ran boldly into my arms with no hesitation.  We bonded instantly.


Hediye takes her job as guardian very seriously. Athletic, alert, loyal and happy, she is a real gem.  People who first meet Hediye comment on her beauty and enthusiasm for life.  She has a spirit that lights up whatever space she inhabits.  She is friendly to people and adores children.  


Both of my girls are good with dogs outside the pack with proper introductions.  As two females they get along together as best friends and work as a team while always on patrol.


Because sound and steady temperament was so important to me, I extensively researched bloodlines before importing.  Both sides of her lineage trace back to dogs in Turkey and Europe. In both Filiz and Hediye’s cases, they originate from famous old lines of Turhan Kangal and Zafer Kurt. Her maternal side was brought directly from Sivas, Turkey to Germany and Holland and has never been represented in the U.S. in any Kangal that I am aware of.  This bestows an added rarity and importance to her lineage.  


Knowing that Hediye’s focus is always on me reinforces the bond between us.  She is such a lovely, devoted guardian dog!


For Hediye's pedigree, click here.


For hip scores, please send a request to my email. Contact me here.


Dog Town’s Hediye: UKC Registered Kangal Dog  |  Import from Holland  |  6/10/2012

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