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Odacis' Python Junior  |  INFO HERE.

Elisabeth von Buchwaldt, the owner of Odacis’ Python, has been an enormous advocate and friend to the Kangal dog.  During 25 trips to Sivas and other regions of Turkey, she has dedicated her time to studying and helping the breed.  The results of her efforts are numerous. In several countries, including Turkey and Germany, she has saved many important dogs that otherwise would have been lost. My appreciation and thanks to Elisabeth in allowing us to breed with Odacis’ Python. This pairing will greatly benefit the gene pool in the US. 


Below is from Elisabeth von Buchwaldt on her treasured companion Odacis’ Python.



Odacis’ Python Jr.


In September 2005 in a hole in the earth, among chickens, sheep and other dogs, Python Jr. entered this world.  At about two weeks old, the Kangal puppies emerged from their nest and began discovering their world.  Python Jr was one big, strong puppy.


At that time, I was content with my three Kangal females, and the thought of a fourth dog had not entered my mind.  Furthermore, my girls were not spayed.  

So when Ogun and Ender Odaci appeared at my door without notice with an 8—week old male you can imagine my surprise!  I could readily see that this was a healthy and beautiful puppy; this generous gift was not to be refused.  The girls were not as enthusiastic but over time they all got along wonderfully, especially Budda and Python Jr.  She was a year older and his beloved buddy. Python Jr. has been my faithful companion over all of these years.  Our solid bond has only increased as the girls passed away three years ago.


Python Jr. grew into a strong majestic dog with a personality to match.  At puberty he started to be predictably dominant towards other unaltered males (in Germany few dogs are neutered or spayed). But with females, small dogs and fixed males he is playful and kind.  He is friendly, relaxed and caring with adults and children and has never shown aggressive behavior.  He is the darling at the vets because of this easy going nature.  Early socialization with horses and other farm animals paved the way for a smooth functioning household all around.  Any wildlife like deer or rabbits hold little interest for him so our outdoor training time went smoothly. With time, he has become even more relaxed, even serene.  In his eleventh year, he is just the most perfect dog you could imagine. 


Python Jr. has been a very healthy dog his entire life, despite a serious accident at four years old when he broke his right hip, a vertebrate and knee. After his recovery, lameness was never a problem.  He has sired six litters all over Europe and the U.S.  Among his progenies are eight World and National Champions from all over Europe. Many of his descendants are successful working dogs placed around the world, consistent with his lineage.  In addition to his remarkable character, he has passed on his glorious deep, golden coloring and dark mask. 


Elisabeth Von Buchwaldt

Hamburg, Germany

January 2016


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Odacis' Python (Sire)

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