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The older of my two Kangal females is Filiz, whom I acquired in 2010 following considerable study of old Turkish lines.  I embarked on research that led me through an educational maze. But the real treasure trove came from learning directly from people in many parts of the world. 


Filiz arrived at my home following a transatlantic journey from Holland when she was six months old.  She is named after her mother and great, great grandmother, Nene Filiz of Turhan Kangal.  She represents bloodlines also brought to Holland by Erin Brinci, in addition to the lines of Zafer Kurt and those of the Odaci brothers in Germany. Many dogs in Filiz’ pedigree were x-rayed in Europe with very favorable results. 


Aside from her stellar pedigree, I refer to her as an old soul.  She has a cerebral calmness, and observes before she reacts in most situations.  Her steady and independent demeanor is balanced by a funny set of antics and a dry sense of Kangal humor. She is remarkable at figuring EVERYTHING out! What impressed me so much about Filiz was her tender care of Hediye when she arrived as a second dog, as though Filiz had birthed Hediye herself.  Their care, commitment and affection to each other is unending, and it is a wonder to watch them work and play together. This girl offers so much.


Like Hediye, she brings new and important lines to the U.S. on both sides of her parentage, a true Turkish delight!  Filiz will be bred by artificial insemination in  2016 to Odaci’s Python, owned and loved by Elizabeth von Buchwaldt from Germany.  This should be an outstanding match and litter.  For more information see Python's page.


For Filiz's pedigree, click here.


For hip scores, please send a request to my email. Contact me here.

Jr. Jr. Filiz

Dog Town’s Jr. Jr. Filiz: UKC Registered Kangal Dog  |  Import from Holland  |  6/6/2010

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